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Popular Spaces in Post-Pandemic Homes

The pandemic changed our lives, especially the time spent at home. Many home owners have reevaluated what areas in their home they would like to modernize to fit their changing needs. What are the most sought out designated spaces buyers are looking for in new homes? According to a survey of recent and prospective home buyers by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), spaces for working out, working from home and outdoor spaces are among the most wanted specialty areas in a new home.


As individuals begin to return to work, some employers are allowing their employees to continue working from home in a full- or part-time capacity. Therefore, it is no surprise that the survey revealed that a majority (63 percent) of home buyers want a home office. Home offices are particularly popular among the millennial age group (74 percent) and married couples with children (70 percent). In terms of size, the study found that a majority (77 percent) of the buyers who want a home office would like the space to be at least 100 square feet, which is smaller than the average size of a bedroom, or larger.


Another trend among home buyers, likely accelerated by the pandemic, was the request for an exercise room. Nearly half of all home buyers (47 percent) rated an exercise room as essential or desirable, according to NAHB’s survey. When this question was asked in 2003, 27 percent of buyers wanted an exercise room, a full 20 percentage points lower than the current response. A majority of millennials (61 percent) and Gen Xers (62 percent) were among the age groups most interested in this space.


With more time spent at home this year, getting some fresh air and spending time outside the home grew in popularity. A majority of home buyers in the survey ranked a patio (87 percent) and a front porch (81 percent) among the top essential features in a home. An expanded outdoor space can help home owners enjoy nature, relax and safely entertain while social distancing.

Cleaning up the competition, NAHB’s survey showed that a laundry room is the most wanted specialty room, with 87 percent of home buyers rating it essential or desirable. Laundry rooms are not just for dirty clothes, many home owners utilize this space for extra storage.


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