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Five Ways to Prepare Your Home Before a Freeze

Categories: Holiday, Maintenance, Mayberry Homes General, News, Real Estate, Uncategorized | Posted: December 21, 2022

The cooler weather conjures up images of fireplaces, holiday gatherings and hot chocolate. While it may be easy to prepare your lifestyle for the winter months, as a home owner it is important not to neglect essential pre-winter home maintenance. To keep you and your home safe and ready for cold temperatures, consider taking the following steps.

Prepare outdoor pipes. Before cooler temperatures arrive, you must take steps to insulate your outdoor pipes to prevent damage. How does damage to your pipes occur? When water freezes, it expands which in turn causes your pipes to expand leading to cracks or potential bursts. To avoid broken pipes, drain them so any excess water is removed. If you have any hoses laying around in your yard, drain and store them away for the spring.

Clear out gutters. Cleaning gutters is a chore for most home owners. Yet, this pre-winter outdoor project can protect your home from future water damage. If your gutters are full of debris, it can back up rain or melting snow that would otherwise be properly drained by gutters leading to potential roof or foundation damage.

Schedule a heating system check-up. Don’t wait until your heater breaks to call a professional! Schedule an appointment with a heating system expert for a check-up to make sure your system is functioning optimally. Even if you have a new heating system, don’t forget to change the filter. A furnace filter that is dirty reduces the efficiency of your system, which could increase your heating bill. A good rule of thumb is to replace your furnace filter every three months while it is in use.

Seal doors and windows. During the winter months, heat always tries to find a way to escape from your home. Cracks and gaps around your windows are doors are most common. A simple addition of caulk or weatherstripping can keep the heat inside your home. Any crack that is bigger than the width of a nickel should be caulked.

Prepare a cold weather safety kit. Severe winter storms cause power outages, potentially putting you and your family at a safety risk. Before winter hits, consider assembling a home winter safety kit for you and your family. Some items to consider are a working fire extinguisher, back up generator and shovel or deicing fluid to remove snow from entryways and sidewalks.

Tips for Transforming Small Spaces in Your Home

Categories: Maintenance, Mayberry Homes General, New Homes, News, Real Estate | Posted: June 9, 2022

With more time spent at home this year, finding space for everyone to work, play and relax may be a challenge. A re-organization or remodel of a small area in your home can make the difference if you are looking for more space. A solid plan with carefully selected design elements can turn any unused space into a cozy haven for you and your family to enjoy. The following steps can help you reimagine underutilized areas in your home.

Create a Plan. Once you’ve narrowed down what space you plan to transform, think about how you are going to utilize your space. An area for a home gym, reading nook or play area for the kids all have different functionalities and require distinct design approaches. This critical first step will help you determine the room flow, furniture, fixtures, and storage solutions.

Embrace Natural Light. An instant way to add volume to any space is to increase natural light. Windows, skylights, or glass doors are magnets for natural light to shine through any small space. A professional remodeler can help you explore your options for windows or natural light installations. Mirrors are also a great way to make a small space feel larger by reflecting the light and making the room look bigger visually.

Select Neutral Paint Colors. Walls and floors with light and solid colors can help make any room feel bigger. Experts recommend two colors for your space, one overall hue and one accent color. Too many colors or too dark of a color palette will make the room look smaller and busy. You can add a splash of color with a rug, pillow, work of art or room accessory.

Rethink Your Furniture. When planning for larger items in your space think about functionality. Do you need a desk and a bookshelf, or can you purchase a furniture item that can serve as both? Fewer pieces of furniture in your small room can make a tiny space seem like it has more square footage. Different types of furniture with built in storage solutions such as side tables or seats will make your room visually less crowded. A professional remodeler can install shelving or cabinets if you need alternative storage solutions.

Balance Your Décor. The final step is personalizing your small space. While it may be tempting to place everything in your new room, remember to keep the space simplified and free of clutter to avoid making the area feel smaller. Generally, interior designers recommend having some empty space known as “negative space” to make positive elements in the room stand out and create visual comfort.